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Maccaww are two friends doing some of the most unlistenable music possible. That was the goal for the four hours it took to record Maccaww's debut, "Central Coast Chirpcore 200000004". We think we've succeded. Blending the squawkier aspects of grindcore, the noise of noise, and the haphazard nature of experimentation, Maccaww are the perfect anti heroes if you're really fucking sick of cliche derivative hardcore. Enjoy.

By the way, Maccaww have broken up. But they do have three releases to their name. The first was the 10 song debut "Central Coast Chirpcore 200000004" , then the "Fertile" single which had two wierd noise songs on it, and finally the complete discography which is a combination of the two releases above because that's all the stuff Maccaww ever wrote. Thanks for listening. Keep chirping!